Sunday, December 4, 2011

Katie's First of (Hopefully) Many Posts

I will be the first to admit it: I am terrible at blogs. I think I have had 5 or 6 now, starting in high school with a (joke) counter-blog to Adam Jackson Online supporting our seventh President Andrew Jackson. They've each lasted anywhere between three days and two months, and chronicled everything from news about my life to updates to an unsuccessful book club I started. Anyway, my point is, my blog track record is terrible. But I'm trying, and this new joint collaboration between myself and Adam is my current attempt. I hope this blog allows me to share some of my insight and I ideas and, frankly, I started it to be cool. Blogs are so in right now.

Adam and I took a big leap yesterday morning and joined Fitness 19. The last time we were gym members was the year before our wedding, and we quit when we moved from Sand Point to Ballard (and, honestly, we hadn't gone in months). So, it's been awhile. I told myself I didn't need no stinkin' gym, I could go on walks and do my sweet Zumba DVD in the spare bedroom. One year and countless pounds later, I am no closer to being physically fit. I'm hoping I can make my trips to the gym a standard part of the week. I've finally come to terms with the fact that I hate exercising. I know that's terrible, but it's true, and I'm working through it. I worked out yesterday, and with today looking gorgeous I am hoping to take a walk through the neighborhood. 

In more happy news, I finally executed my plan to give Greta a Christmas photo shoot. I got the idea from Pinterest (which I discovered through Rebecca Orr - thank you!). The original photo, shown below, is a dachshund strung with Christmas lights. I thought if we did this with Greta, it would be a cute addition to our Christmas card photo, which is Adam and I (unshowered) at Crater Lake last June. Next year's goal - actively try to have more pictures of Adam and I together. Our vacation photos include one of me in front of something, and then one of Adam in front of the same thing. Stupid PNW-too-afraid-to-ask-strangers-to-take-our-picture-it's-stupid-I-know Syndrome. 

Original photo:

The dog is so cute! And the lights are so perfectly string. 

Our attempt:
 Greta hated the lights. Hated them. I had to force her to sit still to take the pictures, and she struggled with my every step of the way. Plus, I used a brand new string of lights, which were still all bendy and not stretched out like the sample dog's lights. At any rate, it was amusing. I ended up using the second photo, zoomed in a bit, and it looks pretty cute on the card (at least on the mock-up).

Next up on my craft agenda: ornament wreath. It's supposed to be easy: take a wire coat hanger, stretch it out, string some cheap ornaments on there, and clamp it back together. TBD on that one.



  1. Yay! Ahh I still think of your blog every time I read about President Jackson. What a fount of fun facts that was. Also, I love the pics of Greta escaping from the lights.

  2. Ah, yes. It was a great website. I wish I remembered what the URL was, though I have no idea if it's still active...